Auckland Iconic Eats

Iconic Auckland Eats 2024

Explore much-loved dishes that can only be found in Auckland, as nominated by the public at the end of 2023.

Please note that over the last three years, some of our wonderful Iconic Auckland Eats are no longer available due to restaurant closures and changes.
The final number of “eats” listed each year may not add up to 100 Iconic Auckland Eats as a result.

For even more inspiration check out the previous years 20222021 and 2020 Iconic Auckland Eats.

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Banh Xeo

Awarded by Grace Sugiandi


Awarded by Clarissa Natac

Ravioli Scampi

Awarded by Jess

Gold Bar

Awarded by Grace Sugiandi

Big Plate

Awarded by Chase wharehoka

Sticky Spicy Chicken

Awarded by Joseph Molinelli

Beef & Cheese

Awarded by Lisa Smith

Traditional Xiao Long Bao

Awarded by Tianpai