Fat Puku’s Smashed Burgers

Fat Puku Burger & Fries

Awarded by Cassandra Truscott
The flagbearer of this joint, Fat Puku's has it all. It may not be their flashiest burger, but its sheer quality - the flavour, the simplicity, the love that has gone into this burger. It represents all the love and passion that every chef should have, and as such a food-loving city, it represents the best of Auckland, and the most beloved of its industries. The first time I took a bite of this burger, I literally cried. I shed an actual tear. The Fat Puku is hearty without being overwhelming, it's incredibly flavourful. It satisfies every time, it just hits the spot. It is everything a burger should be, everything that food should be, and as a city of food-lovers, it is everything Auckland values in a good meal. Good job, Fat Puku's, you nailed this one.