Auckland’s Iconic Eats

100 Iconic Auckland Eats awarded annually by food loving Aucklanders

Iconic Auckland Eats 2020

Explore much-loved dishes that can only be found in Auckland, as nominated by Aucklanders in 2020. 

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Awarded by Supriya Maharaj

Steamed and roasted Kumara with kawakawa pesto

Awarded by Peter Gordon

Gai Ob Pu Kao Fai - Flaming Chicken

Awarded by Samantha Cheah

Hao's Spicy Chicken Wings

Awarded by Kerry Tyack

Steamed bun with roasted pork belly and pickled cucumber

Awarded by David Fusitu’a

Banoffee Pie

Awarded by Gina Cotton

Beef with cheese burger

Awarded by Sophie Joy


Awarded by Josh Goodhue