Mexican drinking chocolate

Awarded by Kiri Nathan
One of the magical things associated with kai (food) is the thrill of discovering an unknown restaurant that’s off the beaten track and delivers authentic, quality ingredients, flavour and manaaki (hospitality). Chocola is a gorgeous Mexican specialty restaurant, owned and operated by a stunning husband and wife duo that delivers all these attributes. You are welcomed as whānau (family) and treated to the best Mexican food in Auckland, each taco or enchilada meticulously and lovingly prepared, you feel thought of and cared for, then there's the taste! Chocola has a limited selection menu that includes gluten and dairy free options. They create handmade Mexican chocolates and spices as well as freshly squeezed juices and chocolate drinks that will blow your mind. You can also book in for a traditional Mexican chocolate making workshop. Mexican chocolate is made form the cacao plant, endemic to Mexico. The nibs (seeds) are hand ground on stone plinths into a granular paste, sugar, cinnamon and your choice of spices. The flavor is complex and rich. Mexican drinking chocolate is made from roasted cacao nibs and ground with almonds, sugar, cinnamon and other spices. This mixture in a semi liquid state is poured into molds and cooled. These molds or pieces are later broken up and added to milk. Chocola offers regular or coconut milk either as a hot or chilled natural chocolate drink, this is an experience you wont forget.
Chocola - Mexican drinking chocolate