The White Lady

The Aucklander Burger

Awarded by Connie Clarkson
Imagine being besieged by the 1 am munchies when you could murder a steak and discovering The White Lady caravan on Commerce Street in the heart of the city where they have been putting up The Aucklander Burger for close to forty years. Think bite after bite of a 300 gm of juicy medium rare scotch fillet sliced in two and stacked with fried onions, tomatoes, lettuce and tomato sauce between a toasted wheat bun. The Aucklander Burger is WAY out on its own. Free range NZ produce presented simply and superbly delicious. The romance of discovering the unexpected pleasure of a perfectly cooked piece of steak in one of Auckland’s inner city side streets in the wee small hours has not been lost on notable visitors. The latest of which include rapper Action Bronson, Desperate housewife Eve Longoria, and more recently, Guns and Roses. Axl Rose recalled his experience 15 years ago and the call went out for The White Lady to provide exclusive back stage crew catering at their recent concerts. The genesis of The Aucklander Burger goes something like this : In the early 80’s, second generation owner of the 72-year family business Peter Washer(son of Pop, husband of Anna) turned their moderately popular steak and chips meal on a plate into a burger, creating the runaway success that endures to this day. Third generation Max and sister Maia Washer have joined their parents in the business, and we are pleased to report that the fourth generation Washer is turning three in December and will be ready for duty when The White Lady turns 100.
White Lady