Hallertau Clevedon

Jalapeño Poppers with Hop Salt

Awarded by Marina Du Preez
It's an absolute classic and a must-eat item on the menu. These days you find them in some sort of deep-fried ball or just a basic short cut versions compared to the classic Jalapeño popper. You can tell Hallertau source great Jalapeños and take the time to make them properly. They are just absolutely delicious, stuffed with a delicious creamy cheese filling, light coating and just perfectly cooked, not too hot either. Hallertau only supports the local businesses right through the whole menu, they source all their ingredients locally as well as the drink list and off course their own craft beer. Whenever I mention to my family abroad, we're going to Hallertau, the response is always "have a Jalapeño popper on us". They have visited from far and wide including Melbourne and South Africa, when they do, we always suggest a visit to Hallertau, our local. I've visited Hallertau as a young social lady with friends and meeting new people by taking meetup groups there and even dates, ha ha. Since then, I’ve met my partner and introduced him to Hallertau too. I've visited them while pregnant with my first son Jack, chatting to the other families with kids and now Jack is 3 years old running around in the very kid friendly backyard with sandpit and slide. The same journey with my daughter who is now 1 year old, my first visit with her, she was a week old. All of these years the menu has been consistent and the Jalapeño poppers with hop salt has stayed on the menu for good reason. Many more years will be enjoyed there and I would love to share this with the rest of Auckland.