Xi’an Food Bar

Liangpi No.10

Awarded by Antony Suvalko
Xi’an Food Bar is a family run chain of restaurants banging out fabulous north western Chinese cuisine. Named after the capital of Shaanxi province, famous for the Terracotta Warriors, their other claim to fame is noodles! I’ve had the good fortune of visiting the province on a number of occasions, and experiencing many local dishes, and Xi’an Food Bar’s version of ‘Cold Noodles with Sauce’ (Liangpi) matches anything I’ve encountered on those travels. Liangpi literally means “cold skin’, and Xi’an Food Bar’s version combines springy noodles, blanched bean sprouts, wheat gluten, julienned cucumber (thin sliced batons), coriander and a house blend spicy dressing... the uniqueness of the dish is the chewy, bouncy texture of the noodles... addictive! Known more as a summer dish, but ordering it any day of the year works for me. So next time you’re on the hunt for a unique noodle dish, head to one of Xi’an Food Bar’s outlets and ask for Number 10. Also perfect alongside a plate of their boiled pork and cabbage dumplings!
Xi'an Food Bar - Liangpi No.10