White & Wongs

Green Curry of Chicken

Awarded by Jt Bailey
White and Wongs are Auckland through and through: a focus on fusion, cultures coming together and making something incredible in that meeting, with plenty of conversation on the side. It's one of our favourite places to go and just sink into the atmosphere. Invariably the place is packed with people from all walks of life, from all over the planet, sharing in a love of food and each other. It’s impossible not to find the energy relaxing and scintillating, and generally contagious. We go there to eat more than we should and not regret a moment of it. The green curry is our go-to, along with half of the rest of the menu - it’s great to grab a few plates, share everything (or not, depending on your opinions related to partners spearing the last piece of curried cauliflower right out of your bowl), and just enjoy being together and being there. Always a great time, and always a great taste.