Wander Café and Bristo

Croque Monsieur

Awarded by Alison Ferguson
Picture this - it's a grey day in Auckland, cloudy, the concrete is damp and it's starting to affect your mood. Lunchtime is rolling around, and you've had a busy day and realise you didn't eat a proper breakfast, no wonder your mood is going as grey as the sky. Hungry. Stomach is rumbling. Want to get something nearby, but I want to be properly nourished today. Don't just want to go for a sammie, or a quick box of sushi, I'm really feeling hungry and need a proper feed. So I head on down to the new cafe in the Wynyard Quarter which I heard some team mates talking about, Wander Cafe. Step inside and I'm transformed away from a grey Auckland day - it's light, it's airy, there are healthy indoor plants, and a big friendly smile greets me and sits me down. Within minutes I've scanned the menu and I know what I want - Croque Madame. I know it will be a cheesy toasty plate of deliciousness, and boy did it deliver. This might seem like I'm going off topic to describe a lunch which I so needed on a ""not so good day"", but I tell you what, I'm still dreaming about how just blimmin' delicious that Croque Madame was. Hot, tasty, lip smackingly delicious egg perfectly complimenting the ham and cheese filling. This is the stand out best Croque Madam I've ever had and I urge everyone to get down there and try it out. No one will be disappointed. On that day grey Auckland day, both my soul and my appetite were nourished.