Vietnam Cafe

Shredded Pork & Spring Rolls with Vermicelli

Awarded by Izabella Lambert
This dish is called grilled pork and spring roll with Vermicelli and it's special to me as it's been a favourite of mine since being in Brisbane and still choosing it currently. Nevertheless it's special because the Vietnamese Cafe has been around since the 70's and withstood time by the community and it's growth adapting culture from then to now. Vietnam Cafe represents the local culture by respecting and contributing to the community, instilling family values more attentively and encouraging manual labour to underemployed etc. This cafe has been one of the many backbones of South Auckland for bringing people together in the name of food however not mistaking money for the sake of what truly matters to them which can be dated back to the 90's and early 2000's where mass immigrant groups flooded bringing customs, cultural traditions, daily life, language, festivities, work and politics into the mix putting - as to say - flavour into New Zealand and taking the bland out - in a literal form thus embedding Vietnam Cafe into Auckland's soil.