Tiger Burger

Kimcheese Burger

Awarded by Cherry Hong
I was a student back in 2017 when I had Tiger Burger’s Kimcheese Burger when they were a food truck at the market. There aren’t many Asian fusion burger places quite like Tiger Burger, so when I had that burger I was in heaven. I never thought I would like kimchi this much, especially in a burger, the beef was so juicy, fresh and full of flavour, the house-made gochujang mayo was very unique, oh and the melted cheese is out of world. Most importantly, the kimchi was salty and goes so well with the rest of the elements. After they opened their Grey Lynn store, I keep going back for the Kimcheese Burger. I love their concept of being ethical & sustainable, just like I love their Kimcheese Burger.
Tiger Burger - Kimcheese Burger