The White Lady

Old Skool Egg Burger

Awarded by Albert Goh
Anyone who goes out to the bars, clubs, casino or even just that evening stroll and cruise will know what The White Lady is and what their personal favourites are. The White Lady has been around for decades. I hear stories from my friend's parents about The White Lady burgers and what they used to order after a night out and I ain't no spring chicken I can tell you that much. The Old Skool Egg Burger reminds me of my childhood; when the fish & chip shops used to wrap the chips in last week's NZ Herald, when pies were $1 and petrol was 60 cents per litre. Every now and then my parents would feel a little bit generous and ask "What else would you like?", on top of the fish, chips and sausages we had already ordered and I would always order an egg burger; fry the eggs like the chicken that laid it owes you money, slap a beetroot on top because that's where it belongs, and serve it to me while it's scorching hot like the black sands of Kariotahi in summer. The White Lady manages to recreate that very burger and experience I used to have from that Fish and Chip shop that my parents used to take me to. They are long gone by now, but I am thankful that I can relive the experience through The White Lady. With today's obsession on re-booting old films and Lamborghini remaking the Countach, I'd rank this burger amongst the most epic remake. Thank you folks from The White Lady for staying open all these years reminding everyone of the good ol days!
The White Lady - Old Skool Egg Burger