The Local Waiheke Island

Snapper ‘n’ Chips

Awarded by Henri Smith
The dish I am nominating as an Auckland Iconic Eat is the “Snapper ‘n’ Chips” from The Local on Waiheke Island. Consisting of the freshest snapper coated in crispy beer batter, steak cut fries (with a hint of rosemary), zesty slaw and accompanied by house made tartare, their interpretation of the quintessential kiwi classic is the best I have ever had the pleasure of eating. This is a classic dish for obvious reasons, but on a personal level I have a lot of fond memories that I associate with it. After a busy weeks work hitting The Local for Friday night fish and chips is a go to for my wife and I. When I think of this dish its not just the meal but the experience that accompanies it. Sitting on the deck as the sun goes down overlooking the beautiful Oneroa Bay, sharing laughs and making plans for the coming weekend over a gin and tonic and catching up with Sara and Simon the lovely owners are all part of what makes this dish great for me. This dish is undoubtedly an Auckland Iconic Eat as it encapsulates the spirit of honest, hardworking kiwis making damn good food.