The Beekeeper’s Wife

The Beekeeper's Trio

Awarded by Sophia Aimee Paton
Note: The following content discusses food anxiety. Please take care when reading. I had been struggling with food anxiety for five years due to past events that triggered my panic attacks. It always happened to occur when I was out for a meal with anybody. I would simply have to excuse myself and leave for the night, embarrassingly leaving my friends behind. One night in late 2021, my local friends decided to try their luck and take me along to The Beekeeper's Wife, situated in the heart of Riverhead in the north of Auckland. I knew I felt anxious about eating. I felt like I wanted to just turn around and go back to their house before I even entered. But my life changed forever once I stepped foot into this restaurant. And I'm so glad that I decided to give it and my anxiety a chance. I struggled to find a small meal that I would eat, until I spotted a small platter that caught my eye. The Beekeeper's Trio is comprised of three main components - Beef cheek, lamb shoulder and pork belly, all situated on top of a crispy bread, served with hummus, salsa and a selection of greens. As soon as it was presented to me by one of the waitresses, I was shocked. It was beautifully presented. The chefs at The Beekeeper's Wife really do care about their food and the authenticity that they put into each and every dish to execute them perfectly. I sobbed through that entire meal. Happy tears, of course. It was the first time that my friends had genuinely seen me happy in years. I ate the entire dish, no crumbs left behind. The Beekeeper's Wife had finally let me enjoy food once again and I will forever be grateful. The Beekeeper's Wife in general, will now and forever hold a special place in my heart as the restaurant with the dish that turned my life around 360 degrees. I am so glad that I gave them a chance. It's my go-to dish whenever I go there with my friends. The restaurant itself is my rendezvous point to meet up with everyone. I truly and highly recommend anybody to try this stunning dish and go to this hidden gem, as it completely changed my life. North Auckland - more specifically, Riverhead residents are so fortunate to have an incredible team of staff and chefs that put their heart and soul into their roles for a night to always remember with your friends. <3