Sue Hsiao Liu Handmade Dim Sum

Traditional Xiao Long Bao

Awarded by Tianpai
Earlier this year, the renowned Shanghai restaurant chain, Sue Hsiao Liu, made its debut in New Zealand, creating a culinary sensation on Lorne Street with their signature dish, xiao long bao. These dumplings come in two distinct styles: the traditional version with a savoury filling and the Shanghai style with a delectable combination of sweet and savoury flavours. In my personal opinion, they are absolutely exquisite. What's truly special is that you can witness the skilful preparation of these dumplings by the talented chefs right before your eyes, and the freshness of their dishes is unmistakable. However, a word of caution, their xiao long bao is steamed to order, arriving piping hot and brimming with flavourful broth. The ideal way to savour them is by placing them in a spoon and delicately opening the skin with a bite to let the steam go out a bit before sipping the savoury soup, adding a touch of vinegar, and then relishing the entire dumpling in one bite.