Sri Pinang

Beef Rendang

Awarded by Annabelle White
It’s hard not to get emotional about the delicious beef rendang at Sri Pinang. For 30 years enthusiastic regulars have visited each week and just wave and the staff know they have come for their favourite - this tender, flavoursome beef curry. It’s the most popular item on the menu. Way before Karangahape Rd was the fashionable foodie strip it is today people who knew good food would come to visit Angie Kaw and for many she introduced them to superb affordable Malaysian food that is very much the fabric of Auckland. The beef rendang is popular and stellar because its “complicated” says Angie” it’s hard for home cooks to go to all the trouble to make the curry paste full of flavour – so they like to come here.” Their commitment to great flavour has no boundaries - they source fresh coconuts and grate and then roast them and source the spice ingredients from three different suppliers around the city to make the paste - this beef rendang curry paste alone reflects the rich tapestry of the city multi-cultures and so incredibly good and time consuming. On a day especially when I need a little reassurance and extra love I will visit Angie and order this rendang and get a little teary – it’s so good the care radiates from the plate! Thank you, Sri Pinang, and this deservingly needs a space on the Iconic Auckland Eats chart
Sri Pinang - Beef Rendang