Scampi Tail Linguini

Awarded by Connie Clarkson
It’s the call of that heady, irresistible aroma of garlic wreathed scampi cooking in the shell which invariably results in a 2-minute stroll up the hill to SPQR. Scampi Tail Linguini has graced the SPQR menu for 21 years. Owner Chris Rupe found inspiration for the dish on a 1996 trip to Sydney stalwart Bel Mondo. On his return, Chris substituted NZ Scampi for the incumbent Balmain Bug and Scampi Tail Linguini was born. The dish is deceptively simple and it’s all about timing. If the scampi is overcooked, it will be ruined. If you burn the garlic, it will be ruined. There are no tomatoes or cream to hide behind so the pasta must be impeccably cooked and tossed so that the smokiness pervades the dish. I love Scampi Tail Linguini because each mouthful delivers the taste of the sea enhanced by a hint of garlic and chili lifted by a note of limes. It’s interesting, comforting, familiar and just simply delicious. SPQR was born on Ponsonby Road on the 27th November 1992 and will celebrate its 30th birthday in 2022. Aroha nui.
SPQR - Scampi Tail Linguini