Spicy Palace

Bucket Fish

Awarded by Lincoln Tan
It's like a Chinese hangi in a bucket - where hot river stones are placed at the bottom of a wooden bucket. When the dish is ordered, the chef would come out, pour a pot of boiling hot broth into the bucket, slice up a blue cod which is added in. The bucket is then covered with a lid, trapping the heat and in a few minutes, the fish is cooked and ready to be eaten. The dish is flavoursome, and as a bonus, everything that's associated with this dish is said to be super healthy. The restaurant claims the riverstones contain elements that cleanses the body, the cedarwood from the bucket helps to eliminate fatigue and relieve stress. The green pepper used in the soup is said to help with rheumatism and improving appetite. The chef's "performance" - as part of the show and tell before dinner is a bonus.
Spicy Palace - Bucket Fish