Soul Bar

Macaroni Cheese

Awarded by Jt Bailey
If there is a gooier, richer, more decadent, more delicious, meal in the city I certainly haven't tried it. Soul Bar's macaroni cheese is what 5-star pasta dishes pray to be when they grow up. It's a treat meal and a comfort meal and a foodie meal, and just a plain old fashioned honest to goodness great meal, all served together for your delight. I've yet to get through an entire plate without going through the theatrics of sighing, loosening my belt, and outrageously lying by claiming "oh, I'll never be able to finish this." I've yet to leave the plate with anything more than a faint impression of sauce - and that’s only because I didn't run my finger over every inch. Soul Bar, and its food, is where we go to experience Auckland at its most pristine - great food, great setting, great people and general greatness. Just like the city, unpretentiously excelling in every measure.
Soul Bar & Bistro - Macaroni Cheese