Soul Bar and Bistro

Macaroni Cheese

Awarded by Albert Cho
Whenever I rave on about this dish, people tend to raise their brows in doubt and say that they could easily whip something like that themselves. That is until they trust my word for it and taste it. Soul Bar & Bistro is an Auckland institution and an icon in itself. The menu is constantly evolving according to the seasons and trends, but there are a few classics that will always remain - one of them being the macaroni and cheese. This is by no means your regular old mac and cheese and I understand that it might seem a tad bogan to order the bowl of beige at a jazzy waterfront establishment, but I promise you that it will change your life for the better. The creamy sauce is laced with truffle oil, giving the homely delicacy a subtle scent of luxury. Inside, you’ll also find chunks of perfectly salty ham that have been cut off the bone as if it was Christmas day and the best part is the top layer of grilled cheese. Take your spoon, help yourself to a generous scoop as you watch that glorious melted cheese stretch on for days and now, try to tell me that you could create that in your own kitchen. I dare you.
Soul Bar & Bistro - Macaroni Cheese