Songbird Cafe

Brioche French Toast

Awarded by Megan Alatini
After years of travelling, living all around the world and New Zealand my family and I recently relocated to my old neighbourhood of South Auckland. We took residence in a quaint little suburb called Wattle Downs that is experiencing some new residential growth. In amongst the new build on the edge of the motorway and Pahurehure Inlet (Manukau Harbour) is a gorgeous wee café called Songbird Café which has become our family local spot. I love the aesthetic the building itself showcases with greenery and raw wood features and a great playpark for young and old to enjoy, my teenage kids included. I can enjoy the sights and activities from both inside or from the outdoor balcony spot. Often, we will visit Songbird before or after sport on a Saturday. For Breakfast I can’t go past their Brioche French Toast. The berry coulis and fruit give me a sense of five plus a day, and the sweet syrup and cream balance is just naughty goodness. It is also pretty with such a feast of colours on your plate. A Mango Smoothie on the side completes it for me.
Songbird Cafe - Brioche French Toast