Sneaky Snacky

OG Wagyu Donut Burger

Awarded by Matthew Yang
The Korean-fusion donut burger is a stellar representation of one of the many slices of the Auckland food scene. This is the house donut with wagyu beef, cheese, a kimchi fritter and milk sauce. First of all, it's served out of a food court outside Lim Chhour Asian Supermarket on K Rd. Classic hole-in-the wall, ifykyk vibes. That's what Auckland is good at, everyone's got their go-to's and niche places. The ridiculousness of having a wagyu cheese patty in between an iced donut is a bit of a salute to Kiwi innovation. There shouldn't be too much red tape if you want to no.8-wire yourself a mean feed! Sneaky Snacky was birthed into the CBD as a cute little pop-up at Ostro, and it's lit the diabetic torch of junk food small business to get a nice permanent upgrade at Lim Chhour. The donut burger is, without a doubt, an iconic dish. (PS try the Nashville fried chicken).
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