Gold Bar

Awarded by Grace Sugiandi
The iconic gold bar dessert is more than just a sweet indulgence, it is an edible work of art that pays homage to Auckland's diverse culture and natural beauty. At its foundation, a coconut chocolate streusel crumbles gently, representing the city's proximity to the ocean. The ocean's embrace brings a unique coastal charm that is undeniably Auckland. Layered atop is a velvety coconut mousse, as soft as the white sand beaches that dot the city's coastline. Next, a carrot brownie adds a touch of earthy sweetness, a nod to the lush green landscapes that Auckland is famous for. The orange hue of the brownie resembles the sunsets over the Waitakere Ranges, casting a warm, golden glow but the pièce de résistance is the carrot chocolate ganache, a luscious creation that celebrates the region's agricultural heritage. Auckland's fertile land provides the freshest produce, and the carrots in the ganache pay tribute to the city's farm-to-table ethos. To complete this culinary masterpiece, a thin layer of golden chocolate covers the dessert, symbolising Auckland's vibrant spirit and the golden opportunities it offers to all who called it home. Each bite of the gold bar dessert is a sensory journey through Auckland's culture, landscape and history.