Seoul Chicken

Sticky Spicy Chicken

Awarded by Joseph Molinelli
Seoul Chicken, right in the heart of Auckland CBD, serves up the undisputed champion of cravings: the spicy sticky chicken. This dish, folks, is a tantalising masterpiece. Picture this: sweet and spicy perfection with just the right amount of kick that makes your taste buds tango with delight. It's like your mouth is throwing a party, and everyone's invited. Now, let me tell you how this fiery love affair began. After a long-haul flight from Seoul, my wife and I found ourselves in Auckland, looking for a taste of home. We spotted Seoul Chicken on the map and decided to give it a whirl. As we stepped inside, the owner's warm welcome and that mouthwatering aroma of fried chicken gave us an instant sense of belonging. We didn't waste a second, we devoured that crispy fried Korean chicken, every last morsel, that very night. And guess what? We were so smitten that we saved some of the leftover sauce for our fries the next day. It's a game-changer, I'm telling you! But Seoul Chicken isn't just about satisfying cravings; it's a hub for Auckland's vibrant Korean community. It's where you can feel the heartbeat of Korean culture right here in New Zealand. This dish isn't just food; it's a celebration of community, and it's the embodiment of Korean culinary greatness. And, let me give you a piece of advice: if you've ever tried Korean fried chicken, you haven't truly lived until you've tasted it drenched in Seoul Chicken's sticky, spicy sauce. The chicken remains perfectly crispy while that sauce elevates the savoury seasonings to a whole new level. It's like a flavour explosion that leaves you satisfied yet always craving more. In fact, they should call it ‘addictive sticky chicken’ because once you've had a taste, you'll be counting down the minutes until your next fix. So there you have it, the spicy sticky chicken at Seoul Chicken isn't just a dish; it's a love story, a cultural connection, and the ultimate culinary indulgence. You simply can't leave Auckland without savouring this delightful masterpiece.