Masala Dosa

Awarded by Rimpy Kandola
The masala dosa is the most well known South Indian dish in and outside of India. Spicy, tangy mashed potatoes encased in a crispy, light rice and lentil crepe and served with a spicy sambhar, creamy coconut chutney and a sweet, gingery tomato chutney! The word delicious alone can’t describe this dish - it’s beyond that! Growing up in a North Indian family in India, South Indian food was our exotic cuisine that could only be eaten at authentic South Indian restaurants. When I moved to New Zealand, I didn’t think I would get to taste that again till I found Satya! I have never tasted a more delicious masala dosa - the dosa has the right crispness, the potatoes the right softness, the sambhar the right spice and the chutneys the right creaminess and tang! It encompasses all the elements of a good dish. The first Satya in Auckland opened in Sandringham and was the most amazing restaurant for me - not only because of its shabby chic decor which highlighted the culture of southern Indian states (that had been overshadowed by its northern counterparts) - but also because of the smell and taste that took me back to my childhood! It was - and still is - the most comforting food for me.
Satya - Masala Dosa