Saint Alice

Fried Oyster Brioche McMuffin

Awarded by Albert Cho
Us Kiwis love our food that we can hold in one hand. Think about it. Pies, sandwiches, burgers...handheld cuisine is most definitely a thing and the Oyster McMuffin from Saint Alice is among some of the best of its kind. Taking the shape of the original McMuffin from the renowned golden arches franchise, but with flavours that Ronald could never have conjured up, even in his wildest dreams. Swapping out the traditional English muffin splits for a richer brioche dough, these slices are then drenched in butter and grilled to achieve the ultimate crispiness. Black garlic aioli follows and then comes the thin slices of pickled radish to cut through the richness of the bread and pungent flavours from the aioli. Then comes the star, the deep-fried oysters that have retained all its moisture while boasting a golden batter. Each and every bite of this morsel is as delicious as the next and as much as you try to savour each bite, it’s too good to not inhale it in a matter of seconds.
Saint Alice - Fried Oyster Brioche McMuffin