Duck Taco

Awarded by Sue
This restaurant is amazing. I was nervous to try duck as I was unfamiliar with the taste. It sounded so enticing - smoky, succulent meat. Small bites of perfection. Duck, all gooey and moist with cherry salsa in the summertime and beetroot in winter. The use of seasonal produce was a highlight. I had it initially with the fresh cherry salsa in summer. I watched the chef Dan Freeman prepare the taco at the chef’s table. The onsite smoked duck was gently refried incorporating juices and seasoning to a level which included juiciness as well as wee crispy charred edges. It was scooped and tucked into a Freeman famous taco and adorned with sticky fresh cherry salsa - tart and piquant to offset the sweetness of the sweet meat. Perfection in a bite. In winter the earthiness of beetroot deepened the richness of the duck - omg yum. For me this dish sums up Auckland - exciting, innovative and not always what you would expect. Definitely iconic.