Poderi Crisci


Awarded by Haylee Oliver
An Ode to Poderi's Tiramisu Waiheke feels like another world altogether. But when you roll up the long drive of Poderi Crisci, you are immediately transported to the Italian countryside. Masterful landscaping, fragrant herb bushes, the clink of wine glasses, beautiful Roman descendants serving fresh bread, pasta and wine. I discovered this dish on a spring day. Bees were buzzing and flowers were blooming, unlike my love life. Recently dumped, I was looking for something to believe in. I sat down for a Negroni because why not start strong. Unable to commit and tired of dealing with the consequences of my own decisions, I asked the waiter for his favorite dish. Choose for me please. It must have been the look in my eye or the fact that I already had a digestif in my hand, the waiter knew just what to bring. With a quick wink, he nodded knowingly and off he went. Enter the tiramisu. Yes. The Tiramisu. Tall and fluffy. Cocoa dusted. Silky and creamy. Ladyfingers soaked in espresso and a marriage of Italian liquors. Dark chocolate shavings. Clouds parted and the angels sang. This dessert changed me for the better. I wake up in the mornings and think about that dish. Traditional but mesmerizing. Of course, I am not the only one to have been transfixed by the tiramisu. It is iconic. It's greatness is known across the seven seas and thus they often sell it all before the dinner rush. Since that fateful day, whenever I need to take myself on a date or on holiday to Italy for that matter, I head to Poderi Crisci for that tiramisu and a Negroni in the sun.