Braised Organic Beef Cheek

Awarded by Nicholas Low
You would have to know about MasterChef NZ judge or Gordon Ramsay protege, Josh Emett, unless you've been living under a rock (or you're not that interested in fine dining cuisine). But I digress. Onslow creates some of the most captivating, flavourful and divine dishes in Auckland and their Braised Organic Beef Cheek w/ Salt Baked Swede, Cauliflower, Parsley, Anchovy and Buckwheat is a bold statement by itself. While you can argue that their other mains can easily rival this dish, this one surely stands out, especially on my 21st birthday. On top of the handwritten birthday card and excellent service, I was blown away by how much flavour is encapsulated into this dish. Not only does it reflect some of the finest in Kiwi cuisine, but also pushes the limits of bridging familiarity in a beef dish with the unique nuances that only Michelin star Josh Emett knows how. Impressive but also something very personal for both chef and customer.