Oh Calcutta

Butter Chicken

Awarded by Jaiden Bhaga
I know, I know... it's the most basic dish one can order, especially when they're indulging in something as rich as Oh Calcutta's menu. But hear me out. Oh Calcutta's butter chicken is the golden standard. The secret, I'm convinced, is in the sauce/gravy. Spoilt with so much flavour, it walks the fine line between sweet and savoury with flare, heck, it triple somersaults on it easily. You can always count on the chicken to be succulent too. But why, you may ask, does this dish mean so much to me? Undoubtedly an Auckland institution, I've been fortunate to be a regular diner my entire life. Whether it was drenching their fluffy garlic naan in the gravy at a celebratory dinner post-school prize-giving, coming together with family in times of grief, finding comfort in the faithful flavours of their menu and hospitality, to celebrating my university graduation, Oh Calcutta, especially the butter chicken, has always felt like home. Shepherded by owners Meena and Anand, I've seen the fussiest diner grow care-free at Oh Calcutta, the cautious become adventurous and the apprehensive transform into raving fans. Auckland is a smorgasbord of culture and Oh Calcutta's butter chicken is right at its heart.