Ockhee Fried Chicken (Dak Gang Jeong)

Awarded by Jesse Mulligan
Sometimes it feels like this dish is on every menu in town but, when I'm in the mood for fried chicken, there's only one version I think about. Ockhee, on Ponsonby Road makes Korean fried chicken so good that once you think about it, you have to have it. Crunchy but not dry, spicy but not painful, it's glazed in bright chili with two different flavour options - I go for the sesame soy. This chicken is so good that when I dropped by one Friday night to pick some up (I had already eaten but, you know, I'd accidentally thought about it) they had sold out. Sold out! Of chicken! It's served with a plastic glove which says something about the level of innovation at Ockhee but also something about how they don't want you to worry about anything but enjoying the chicken. Okay, so now I have to go eat some. You should too, if there's any left.
Ockhee - Fried Chicken