No Missed-Steak

Buffalo Cauliflower Wings

Awarded by Jt Bailey
I don't like to admit it, but I suspect I love the buffalo cauliflower wings more than I love my partner. I certainly love them more than any other thing I've tasted in years. The perfect combination of healthy, crunchy, spicy and decadent. I've had family, who would normally run screaming at the idea of a meat-free meal, licking their fingers after having far too much of my order as a ‘sample’ and demanding more. My dad sulked for an hour after I dared to finish my order off myself, rather than handing them over for him to devour. After I'd already done exactly that and was working on a freshly ordered second attempt. Irrational, sure, but also completely understandable - they're that good. Simply delicious, and all the better for being simple and healthy food cooked by a team who obviously love what they're doing. It's an Auckland dish for people who appreciate the city for what it does best - fusing difference into something new and interesting and wonderful, giving us all an opportunity to share who we are and what we love and partake in those same-same offerings from others, and making a venue for meeting new people and learning a little more about ourselves in the process. I learned I probably love battered cauliflower more than my I love my partner, and various family members - and that I'm pretty ok with that, if we're talking about No Missed Steak's buffalo cauliflower wings.