No.1 Pancake Albany

Potato Cheese Korean Pancake

Awarded by Amy
IYKYK (if you know you know)! The potato cheese pancake has probably been experienced by most centrally based university students in Auckland in the 2010s. It was a rite of passage. Super affordable and one of the most delicious lunch options too. Their move to Albany hasn't stopped me from getting at least one pancake every time I'm over that way. All of their pancakes are spot on but there is something about the potato cheese. Every time you get mashed potato with your dinner, you hope it tastes like what they put in their pancakes, but nothing can compare. The potato is silky smooth, perfectly flavoured with something special - who knows what - maybe onion or sour cream and chives? And the melted cheese lets out that tiny bit of oil to make it ooey gooey. I don't know why my cheese at home doesn't taste as good but whatever ingredients they use, they are just superior. The people are SUPER nice - customer service is top notch. You are always served with a smile, and you can see the appreciation on their faces of you being there. You just leave feeling better inside, knowing you are supporting a small business that has a sustainable feel to it. It doesn't feel like they aim for maximum profit, they just look like they love what they do for their customer base. No.1 Pancake is an analogy for a wholesome life. I hope they get to stay in business for as long as they want to be there.
No. 1 Pancake - Potato and Cheese Pancake