Char Koay Teow

Awarded by Matt Middleton
I have enjoyed several meals at Mulan over the years and the food, atmosphere and service, which is mostly provided by a small family, is always excellent. The family is from Penang, and the menu has a different array of dishes from the other Malaysian restaurants that I visit. On my most recent visit to Mulan, I was happily surprised to discover that they had added the char koay teow since my previous visit, and I had to try it. This dish did not disappoint. I generally enjoy char koay teow at the other restaurants I visit, but after the first bite I was sure this was the best char koay teow that I have eaten. The flavour was richer and spicier and well-integrated into the dish as opposed to tasting like noodles with spices on top. There was no hint of greasiness, and the prawns were very good. Mulan was already one of my favourite restaurants in Auckland, and I'm thrilled they have added one of my favourite dishes of this cuisine.