Mug 'n' Bowl Café & Eatery

Crispy Pork Belly Banh Mi

Awarded by Jon Turner
Mug 'n' Bowl have bought a taste of Vietnam to one of Roskill's more industrial streets. Rico and Nevaeh are hospo legends in the making and we are so lucky to have them here. It is really hard to decide what to nominate between the pho and the Banh Mi. The Pho constantly gets described as "better than what I had in Vietnam" but for me the Banh Mi is the star of the show. Super crispy roll baked in a secret local bakery, perfectly crispy pork, excellent pate, pickled vegetables and coriander. From first bite to finish, it is fantastic. It goes perfectly with the Vietnamese dripped coffee which is more than enough to get you going in for the day. Mt Roskill is blessed with a huge variety of foods from different ethnicities, but as a daytime cafe - Mug 'n' Bowl takes the cake.