Miann Fort Street

Creme Brulee

Awarded by Kerrie McGirr
I was given a great piece of advice. At the end of your meal walk to Miann instead for dessert. When you get in there, you'll find a range of intriguing concoctions, like nitro mango or smoked chocolate. You'll be tempted, I was told, to look past the creme brulee at something a bit more exotic. However, the instruction was clear...hold your ground and get the creme brulee. So I did. I'm not sure if I want to laugh or cry now. Laugh because it was the most delightfully delicious brulee ever - silky custard & singed sugar with a beautifully burnt taste, topped off by green tea cream, lemon curd, raspberry coulis and raspberry sorbet. Did I even mention the nasturtium? Surprisingly great with the custard. Cry, because it made me think of all the other times I've had creme brulee and those experiences never compared to Miann. Soggy sugar, stodgy creme. Even that wee bistro in France that came highly recommended was pretty average by comparison. Miann's Creme Brulee is the story of Auckland dining...taking something from somewhere else, transforming it and owning it so well you'd never want to try the original anyway.
Miann Fort Street - Creme Brulee