Mellow Coffee & Dessert

Strawberry Shaved Ice (Large)

Awarded by Julia Ling
Who wouldn't want shaved ice all year round? Especially strawberry flavour. My friends and I definitely don't mind. We could come here all day if our wallets permitted that. Comes with a large swirl of vanilla soft serve! This place is super popular for its dessert and defs its shaved ice. You just scoop and enjoy the creamy flavour ice in your mouth. It ain't your regular basic ice I can assure you, something about it is almost mystical. You can spend hours here with friends eating and chatting..mostly eating. I've eaten this countless times and explored other locations but this is still top in Auckland. They have heaps of flavours to choose from some are seasonal but there are the classic matcha or chocolate flavours too if you want to indulge on something less fruity!
Mellow Coffee and Dessert - Strawberry Shaved Ice (Large)