Lucky G's

#2.5 Twice As Nice

Awarded by AG Fernando
IYKYK! It’s not everyday that a burger from a non-descript diner that keeps its location a secret has got the whole of Auckland going on a mad social media stalking session just to find it. It’s almost unbelievable when you add the fact that this same burger has got people waiting 2 hours for it and it frequently sell outs. At that point, I would’ve expected Gordon Ramsey himself manning the grill, hand feeding you his freshly cooked burgers on levitating gold plates. But no, Lucky G’s Twice As Nice double cheeseburger is anything but glitz and glamour. It’s burger simplicity at its finest. Two expertly smashed beef patties (Maximum Maillard reaction and all), lettuce, tomato, red onion, gooey processed cheese, secret burger sauce, and of course two fluffy milk buns make for the antithesis of a previous era’s obsession with massive, overloaded gourmet burgers. My favourite burger in Auckland is definitely worth the journey and deserving of the hype. A burger for the locals, by the locals...or for serial Google Maps stalkers like me.
Lucky G's - #2.5 Twice As Nice