Lucky G’s

#2.5 Twice as Nice

Awarded by Rachel Medcalf
My son was the pickiest eater, so getting him to try anything new was always a challenge. Not even McDonalds could tempt him. One day we went to Lucky Gs and I encouraged him to try a burger and it was a game changer. He's now 6 and can easily put away a Twice as Nice and top it off with a cookie. When we crave burgers as a family, Lucky Gs is where we go. We happily travel from Panmure to west Auckland to eat the freshest smash burgers out. And the team at Lucky Gs are the kindest, almost family-like in their welcome. We take all family and friends visiting Auckland for the best burger they will try and everyone comes away satisfied and impressed with the quality. We love Stan, Tony and the team at Lucky Gs they were the OG smash burgers and have stayed true to their recipe. They take so much pride in their work, and it shows cause all the items on their menus are 10/10s.
Lucky G's - #2.5 Twice As Nice