OG Fried Chicken Wings

Awarded by Elle Armon-Jones
If you’re a fried chicken nut like I am there is one place in Auckland that rules the world when it comes to fried chicken. Kyle Street and Jordy McDonald (Culprit, Lowbrow and Nook) know how to create the most delicious food and boy did they get it right with these. When they told me they were opening a fast food spot with wings, inwardly I thought “Oh yeah whatever”, and then they went and created some of the best! Even the great Marco Pierre-White labelled them the best in the world! Lowbrow fried chicken wings come in four flavours but the OG is the one I go back for time and time again. On our Big Foody tours we have showcased this chicken to the world and everyone loves it. Every American guest who tried them on tour raised an eyebrow when we said it’s the best fried chicken but they all agreed wholeheartedly when they’d finished. There are endless competitive moments where we try to work out what is the seasoning but no one has hit the nail on the head just yet. Supporting local suppliers Bostocks ensures the best flavoured and seriously meaty wings, and hey who cares if you leave licking your fingers! Wash down with some of their Lowbrow Lager and a bucket of the OG fried chicken wings is a complete treat not to be missed.
Low Brow