La Spiaggia - Murrays Bay

Linguine a La Spiaggia

Awarded by Kristina Williams
Special isn't quite the word for it! This dish is true perfection. It's a masterpiece in its simplicity! Pawns, pasta, chilli and wine - I know, seriously who couldn't make that. You could try (I have), but there is a super skill in getting this balance truly perfect and inferior technique or product has nowhere to hide on this plate. A quiet little cove in the middle of the bays, nothing flash on the outside or on the inside, but with smells of real Italy and caring, efficient staff that can have a damn good laugh with you, make this place a seriously silent high achiever! I actually think people don't broadcast how amazing this place is, because it's like it's the bays little secret, that no-one wants to share! I definitely get around in the restaurant scene in Auckland, but I cannot get enough of this place! Every time I say "THIS time I am going to try something different" but then sitting down in that cosy, bustling little restaurant, looking out at the sea and I just have to say "Linguine a La Spiaggia please". Luckily I manage to talk most people into letting me have a taste of theirs so I don't feel quite so hard done by (and also confirms that my dish isn't just a one off freak of nature), it's truly something special. Great now I have the craving again!