KIIN Thai Underground Kitchen

Tom Yum Soup

Awarded by Jasmine Paepae
This wonderful eatery is tucked away on the not so busy side of Mount Eden Road. A small eatery that fits around 20 people at one time. All the dishes on the menu are wonderful and unique but the tom yum soup with chicken and prawn really stands out. A spicy and sour soup base with mushrooms, tomato, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf with a hint of creamy coconut milk and I always add chicken and prawn to the dish. Tom yum soup is everybody's favourite Thai soup so you know what to expect, but this dish at KIIN is on another level. The fragrant spices and herbs used in this dish is top quality. What I love about this place is the customer service and how they really look after you during your visit to the eatery. Not only are they super busy with takeaways and other orders, we always get our orders quick and quality is not compromised. And if you want to see something amazing at this eatery, visit the bathroom. You have to walk down a steep flight of stairs and walk past the whole food preparation and kitchen area - it is a tight squeeze but you can see how everything is prepared - like wow! This restaurant represents how diverse we are in Tāmaki Makarau and love how we can have all these wonderful experiences and enjoy such delicious food from all the different countries in the world.