Indian Summer

Awadhi Dum Gosht Biryani

Awarded by Rhea Ram
The restaurant owner, T.C Suresh is an Indian master chef. He has extensive experience working in the restaurant and hospitality industry and always takes an immense amount of pride when cooking for the Hobsonville community. Suresh is incredibly passionate about Indian cuisine, he only uses the best and top quality ingredients, we never see him use artificial colours or flavours like many typical Indian restaurants. Whenever we dine here, we are greeted with the best aromas, flavours and amazing service. The lamb biriyani is to die for, the flavour profile is simply beyond amazing, the meat is cooked perfectly and it is always consistent no matter when we order this. The lamb is slow cooked and just amazing. Suresh has operated Indian Summer in Hobsonville for so many years now, he and his family are well known in the area for their amazing and fresh take on Indian food. Indian summer is greatly loved in Hobsonville. Over the years we became regulars at Indian summer and have became great friends with Suresh and his family. They are simply amazing and deserve the recognition.
Indian Summer - Awadhi Dum Gosht Biryani