Ima Cuisine

Classic Mezze

Awarded by Celia Hay
Imagine a basket of vegetables, fresh from Auckland's best markets and transformed into a series of quintessential Middle Eastern dishes. At Ima, their classic mezze features a collection of small plates served with freshly baked pita, straight from their oven. The falafel is gluten-free with a dense texture and flavoursome bite especially when dipped in lemon-infused hummus. The baba ganoush is made of eggplant, roasted with garlic in a special charcoal oven. There is a creamy labneh of yoghurt, gently strained in muslin and a matbucha of cooked tomatoes and roasted bell peppers with garlic and chili. This flavoursome framework of dishes provides the platform onto which you can keep adding more dishes from roast chicken to house cured pickles to fresh tabouleh. A magnificent mezze experience to enjoy in the heart of Auckland City.
Ima Cuisine - Classic Mezze