Ima Cuisine

Classic Mezze for Two

Awarded by Hope Smith
As lovers of Middle Eastern food, Ima's is a restaurant not to be missed! This platter comprises grilled lamb and chicken, falafel, lamb kibbeh, hummus, baba ghanoush, salad, pickles, olives and labneh with pita. The "piece de resistance" is the lamb KIBBEH. It looks like a kumara but certainly is not! It is a croquette with an outer shell of bulgur wheat and minced lamb, has a filling of onion, minced lamb, spices and pine nuts. Formed into mini football shares and gently deep fried. Served with tzatziki or tahini sauce. Kibbeh is the epitome of irresistible Middle Eastern comfort food. We love the whole platter, find the staff very friendly and Yael, the owner, lovely. Make sure you book, it is always busy at lunch and dinner time. Ima's is also famous for their famous Custard Cross Easter Buns, a staple in Middle Eastern cuisine.
Ima Cuisine - Classic Mezze