Huis Kitchen

Eggplant potato and capsicum

Awarded by Terry Angus
2 years ago my wife Angela and I went to a new local Chinese cafe - Huis kitchen. They spoke no English. We sat down and tried to order from photographs on the wall. They were horrified at our selection and managed to mime that it was very spicy and were concerned we would not like our choices. We then managed to invite them to please produce 3 dishes that we may like. Wow wow and wow. All outstanding. The eggplant potato garlic and capsicum dish has had us returning weekly for over 2 years now. The English speaking is progressing well, as is our friendship and also understanding of the entire menu. We are treated to a free dish most times and love the mind body soul experience that Huis food brings, bridging cultures and language. If you can cook like that then welcome to Auckland. Welcome to NZ.
Huis Kitchen - Eggplant Potato and Capsicum