Fruit wood-roasted Peking duck

Awarded by Gelyn Latayan
New Zealand is a well-diverse country and it has been home for a lot of Asians. As they say, to know if a Chinese restaurant is good, go and check where the Chinese eats. Huami is one them. Huami's peking duck is composed of crispy duck skin roll, pancake and condiments. This is definitely the best that I have tasted. The duck is dried for 72hrs which makes its skin so crispy when roasted. The meat itself is so tender and juicy. Such a simple dish when you see but the combination of the duck's juicy meat, cucumber, spring onion, crispy duck skin and perfect plum sauce, wrapped all together will definitely make you come back for more. A classic food that you will never get tired of eating.
Huami - Peking Duck