Hello Beasty

Prawn & Crab Toast

Awarded by Albert Cho
In an era where Asian-fusion cuisine has dominated the dining scene across the globe, you would think that by now, we have seen it all. Pork belly slit baos and karaage chicken were once dishes that kept us on our toes, but now they’re classified as staples. However, Hello Beasty is keeping up the modern momentum with its prawn + crab toast. Inspired by China’s menbosha, this restaurant has taken the classic and turned it into a surf and turf type of magic. This work of art starts with a slice of crispy deep fried bread which has been smothered with a prawn and crab mousse. On top, you’ll find slices of succulent wagyu that have been seared to be only just medium rare. To round it all off, the chefs add a generous drizzle of sweet and sour sauce which is balanced by the creaminess of not only the mousse layer, but the final touch of Japanese mayo, aka., the king of condiments.
Hello Beasty - Prawn & Crab Toast