Hello Beasty

Kaarage Chicken

Awarded by Kristen Walbran
We love Hello Beasty, and on every visit - try as we might to order dishes we haven't tried before - we can't resist adding a few orders of their Kaarage chicken for the table. I've been a fan of kaarage chicken ever since I discovered Japanese food, and if you'd asked me before then whether I liked fried chicken, I would have said it's ok but not my favourite. But eating KAARAGE chicken changed all that. Even though Hello Beasty's version isn't exactly faithful to the Japanese style of kaarage chicken I think they've taken the dish and made it even better with a mash-up of Japanese and Korean flavours. Which is super appropriate in our city of Auckland, that's a mash-up of cuisines, ethnicities and cultures found in a lot of amazing restaurants and cafes. Long live Hello Beasty and their Kaarage Chicken