Adobo del Diablo

Awarded by AG Fernando
Ever since their humble food truck days, Hapunan has been putting Filipino food on the map in Auckland. One dish is leading that charge and it is undoubtedly their signature Adobo del Diablo. A creamy concoction of tender chicken marinated in turmeric, bay leaves, and peppercorn all in a rich coconut sauce that I honestly could eat forever. Not only has this dish become a cult classic amongst Aucklanders, but this adobo has also managed to win over the most important demographic: Filipino moms. In a nation where the number of permutations and combinations of adobo is almost as numerous as its number of islands, that is no small feat. Every Filipino says that their mom makes the best adobo but I’ll make an exception for this. It might just be better than my mother’s adobo…(mom if you see this please don’t disown me).
Hapunan - Adobo del Diablo